It seems the inability to relax is becoming more common as our lives become busier and more challenging. The near constant interaction with media and information along with daily responsibilities can be so over-stimulating that the idea of purposeful relaxation may seem remote and unattainable for some people.

Fortunately we now have “Helping You Relax”, a new CD which blends a gentle guided full body relaxation with beautiful original music. Joni Zweig’s voice on this recording is soothing and gentle, yet solid and assured. She asks us to allow other thoughts and concerns melt away and to instead focus only on the sound of her voice. Following her instructions becomes effortless very early in the relaxation process. The music in the background blends perfectly with the voice to lead one into a state of profound and deep calm. The whole experience has been intentionally created with masterful professional production values resulting in reliably produced relaxation for the listener each time the CD is played.

Patients have come back with comments such as “ I never get to the end, I always just fall asleep and have no need for a sleeping pill”. “ It is so wonderful that I play it every night before bed, it has become a lovely end to my day that I don’t want to do without”.

“This is the first thing I’ve tried that has actually worked to get me relaxed”.

Without any hesitation I recommend this CD to any health care practitioner to offer to their patients as well as to any person looking for a wonderful way to experience conscious deep relaxation effortlessly or as an alternative to medication for sleep.

Craig E. Goldberg, DO

Dear Joni, Rick asked I write and thank you for the CD. He is really enjoying it and was listening to it when I left this morning. He got a chuckle yesterday listening to it. Our greyhound, Katie (lower right), is very skittish, always has one eye open, etc. She was laying on the floor (obviously listening to the CD) and Rick said he looked down and she was sprawled out, eyes shut and just as peaceful as can be. She slept for hours like that! So, Rick and Katie both thank you!



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