A Journey into deep relaxationDifficulty sleeping, anxious and tense, needing a lift?

Listening to our new CD A Journey Into Deep Relaxation will give you an opportunity to take a step away from the pressures in your life and restore balance and ease to your body, mind and spirit.

A Journey into Deep Relaxation  features soothing harmonies of music and voice to quiet your body and mind. Joni's compassionate and reassuring voice guides you stepwise to letting go of tension and stress.

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relaxOvercoming Stress- The Challenge of the 21st Century

The good news is that modern science is rapidly finding new cures for age old diseases. The not so good news? This fast paced world we are living in with its emerging technological advances is giving rise to unprecedented levels of stress in our lives, bringing with it a whole new range of ailments. The challenge? To keep that stress from affecting us in negative ways. 

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"Joni Zweig has the gift to help people reach total relaxation through her gentle supportive voice while the music is in tune with the breathing rates to obtain optimal results. There are so many 'relaxation' cds that, quite frankly, don't make it, but this CD definitely has the finesse and ability to work through the tensions in the body. I have always found tense and release a very effective way of achieving noticeable results in relaxation. I highly recommend this CD."

 Christina Tourin
Director - Int'l Harp Therapy Program; Artist and Composer

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Helping You Relax is committed to offering the best tools to assist you in becoming stress-free and able to establish a state of relaxation in your life.  The founder, Joni Zweig, has been studying and teaching relaxation techniques for the past 30 years. A certified meditation and relaxation teacher, she offers individual and group relaxation sessions throughout North America.

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